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About us

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We do not dream of the future, we create it 

Angstrem, group of companies, is leading Russian Semiconductor Company that produces full range of products from discrete components to high end microcontrollers and microprocessors. Solutions based on Angstrem’s components are used in all areas of our lives: aerospace and railway, automotive and transportation, power management and smart grid, telecommunication and IoT. The company has ten modern design centers and two production lines located in Russia, and cooperate with leading production facilities worldwide to offer full solution to our customers.

Scientific School and focus on market demand

On the basis of reliable technology, developed exclusively for the space, Angstrom creates microelectronics, allowing to solve earthly problems and challenges. The main criterion when designing chips is the focus on the needs of the market and their possible anticipation. At the same time, we are not looking for competitors and create unique solutions based on proprietary technology and development.

Team of the confederate

The employees - the most valuable asset of the company Angstrom. Through their coordinated activities of the company managed to reach the world level as the novelty of technical solutions, as well as for themselves the unique semiconductor products.