On "Angstrem" introduces a provision on rationalization activities

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On "Angstrem" introduces a provision on rationalization activities

February 1, 2017 at JSC "Angstrom" enter into force "Regulation on rationalization activities." According to a new document, the employee may present any unit of its management rationalization proposal, which will be rewarded not only morally, but also financially.

Rationalization proposal should specifically reflect the positive effect that the company will receive. The result from the use of offers might be in increasing productivity, quality, reliability and durability of products, and to improve the overall financial condition of the company, reducing costs or savings of material and labor resources.

HR Director of JSC "Angstrom" Irek Nabiullin: "Thanks to the" Regulation on the rationalization activities "to increase staff involvement in the development of the company. This encourages staff initiative and promotes innovation in the enterprise. Now, absolutely any employee able to express themselves and to make an innovator in its field. "

In accordance with the provisions of each rationalization proposal will be studied in detail by a specialist, responsible for certain areas, and transferred to a final review of the Director General. Employees whose ideas have been applied, the company of "Angstrom" provided material reward. royalties shall be calculated according to its real value, the use of volume as well as the complexity of solving a technical problem.

This situation acted in 90 years. The initiator of the type "Regulation on the rationalization activity" by the chairman of the council of veterans of "Angstrom" Alexander Zaitsev. In his opinion, this is a good opportunity to find original guidance and effective solutions for the development of the company.