Angstrem’s experts developed power transistors for the domestic medical equipment

Angstrem’s experts developed power transistors for the domestic medical equipment

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Angstrem’s experts developed power transistors for the domestic medical equipment

JSC "Angstrem" together with "Altomedika" model samples tested external defibrillators, which are manufactured using Russian microelectronics. High-voltage IGBT-transistors of production "Angstrem" showed excellent results with medical equipment. They have successfully passed all tests and have received good feedback from medical equipment manufacturers.

As part of the import substitution "Angstrem" program began joint work with the company "Altomedika" medical equipment manufacturer, to replace imported parts for medical equipment. To assess the possibility of using the transistors of production of JSC "Angstrem" was developed model sample, which was tested in a defibrillator operation.

As a result of testing high-voltage IGBT-transistors with a voltage of 3300V we have received good feedback from the developers of the company "Altomedika" and were recognized as promising for use in the scheme developed by the automatic external defibrillator. It was also noted that angstremovskie transistors in their characteristics are not inferior, and in some cases even superior to their foreign counterparts. Work on the certification of other medical devices using the chipset production of "Angstrem" continues.

JSC "Angstrem" is the only Russian manufacturer of frameless NPT + IGBT-transistors on a voltage of 600 to 6000V. NPT + IGBT-transistors have a low gate charge, low-loss switching and low saturation voltage.

All these features allow the use of domestic transistors to address the huge range of tasks. Application of IGBT-transistors is very large. They can be employed in the manufacture of semiconductor devices and discrete power modules, solar and wind energy, and medical equipment.

Director of Analog Products JSC "Angstrem" Evgeny Kuzmin noted that angstremovskie transistors find wide application in the field of medicine: "The level of development of the domestic microelectronics allows you to close the main needs in the transistors and chips in the production of medical equipment. Moreover, production facilities make it possible to establish a large volume of exports of microelectronic products for the needs of foreign manufacturers of medical equipment. "

According to statistics, to date only one ambulance equipped with defibrillators, in Russia there are 15 thousand more. On this basis, the volume of deliveries can be measured in tens of thousands of pieces of equipment.

The Russian government has signed a decree on state support domestic manufacturers of medical equipment. Now in public procurement of medical equipment will be a priority to use Russian companies.
To provide consumers with the Russian medical equipment, it was decided to replace the imported equipment on the domestic counterparts. This will have a strong support not only the manufacturers of medical equipment, but also for developers of electronic components (ECB).

On the photo: the power transistor production of "Angstrem" used in defibrillators.