Angstrem introduced a new line of power electronics

Angstrem introduced a new line of power electronics

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Angstrem introduced a new line of power electronics

From 25 to 27 October in the exhibition "Power Electronics-2016" JSC "Angstrem" provided consumers with an expanded range of power IGBT- and the FRD-modules, as well as the power IGBT / MOSFET-transistors, which are fully manufactured in Russia. The new line includes more than 300 names of modules and transistors, the most popular in the housing and communal services, construction and public transport.

The main consumers of power modules based on insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and fast recovery diode (FRD) are manufacturers of public transport on electricity, as well as companies that exploit it. In addition, a huge number of IGBT-modules used in the sphere of housing and communal services (lifting equipment, water and heating systems) and energy. The first Russian company produced for the civilian market line power products that are competitive global producers, not only in performance but also by price.

The new range of power electronics production of "Angstrem" contains more than 300 names of the most popular: IGBT-modules, FRD-power modules and IGBT / MOSFET-transistors.

JSC "Angstrem" Experts two years ago developed a program of import substitution crystals for the production of power modules and transistors. In the first stage have been developed and serial production of the crystals, and the next release launched a fully native modules. A distinctive feature of angstremovskih modules from their foreign counterparts is the increased stability of the IGBT-crystals of a short circuit, as well as "soft" switching characteristics of complete FRD-diodes, which ensures high reliability of these modules.

"We are proud to announce that our company first released on the market a real commercial product is not inferior to the world analogues, both in performance, and price, - said Evgeny Kuzmin, director of analog products. - We should also note that this is a truly Russian product that is 100% promoted to Russia from the crystal production to assembly in the body. "

Getting to the design, the developers focused on the most massive in the application of power IGBT-modules. It is now available to order a wide range of modules in the voltage range from 600V to 1700V and maximum currents from 75A to 600A, with different configurations: half bridge, chopper, single key.

Currently available modules to customers in the most common housings 34 and 62 mm: MPP-34, MPP-62, MPP-62-2. All housings are made according to international standards applied in the design of the power modules.

The company has set itself a truly ambitious plans for 2017 - Statement on the conveyor belt of new technological processes for MOSFET and IGBT crystals start mass production of high-voltage IGBT modules and crystals.

"New tech. processes allow us to produce the latest generation of products, and to be competitive on the global market and not to yield to world leaders, - says Andrey Abramov, Deputy. General Director for Strategic Development and Marketing. - These products will be able to cover the needs of not only the Russian market, but also will be in demand in the global market and will be able to compete with more established companies. "

On the photo: power release module patterns of "Angstrem."